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Hair Treatment

Hairfall :

Skin care clinic offers you various medical and cosmetic treatment options for hairfall. They are as follows :

  • Medical treatment : Includes Multivitamins ,Minerals, various topical solutions like minoxidil, and others that help in hair growth.
  • PRP treatment: In this, the PRP ( Platelet Rich Plasma ) which is obtained from the patients own blood after processing is injected into the scalp which helps to provide growth factors and hence improves the hair growth.
  • Dermaroller : A dermaroller, which has multiple needles is used over the scalp to create artificial injury which helps in improving the blood supply to the hair roots and thus increasing the strength of the existing hair roots. It can be combined with PRP and other topical medicines to give synergistic effect and good results.

Removal of Unwanted Hair

Here, in Skin Care we also have LASER's for removal of unwanted hairs over the areas like upper Lip, chin, cheeks, axillae, chest, back and bikini areas.

LASER hair removal is the safest, effective and painfree method of hair removal in which light energy is used to destroy the hair follicles at the operative site. Here melanin, which is present in hair and its follicle is the target. On exposure to the light emitted from the LASER, the melanin gets decomposed resulting in everlasting hair removal.This doesn't affect the surrounding tissues as there is no melanin in these tissues.